Day Two: Electric Bugaloo

Oh my goodness!  I am spending all my time trying to make this site cute and not leaving myself any time to post.  Pllluuusss I’m still figuring out how to change the first post from the default so hey enjoy the comedy of “your first post goes here” while it lasts!  Week One of Franklin’s regime was Temperance which to him meant, “Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation”.  I am doing a-okay on the no drinking alcohol, but I will have to give myself two tick marks today for continuing to eat my french dip after I was full and the bedtime 3 Musketeers that’s calling my name.  Yesterday went well for temperance, but one tick mark for having a grande vanilla bean frappucccino. I’ve got a long way to go Benny.  Help me!

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