Day Four–Mams Galore

I did awesome today.  No tick marks for the first time.  WhooHoo!  Still successfully staying off the diet decaf soda pop and did not eat past when I was full or as a reward for going to the doctor. Hoping to spend some time this weekend on the bloggity blog uploading some pics and graphics and customizing that pesky first blog post.  Please note I miss my diet caffeine free pop SO MUCH I look like one of those big eyed child paintings from the 60s most of the day.  I’ve been drinking water.  Healthy, unflavored, colorless water, like an 1800s school marm…….or a 1900s school teacher……or a 2000s pedagogue.  Why you do me like this Ben Franklin?

In other news, today was my annual booby squeezing.  Hopefully the results will be perfect because I have ended up needing biopsies for the last three years in a row and I’ve decided 2018 is, “The Year of No Biopsies”.  God laughs at such plans of course, so we’ll see, won’t we?  If you’re curious: 2015 skin biopsy rt arm (normal mole); 2016 lymph node biopsy in neck (scar tissue) This was not fun! Do not recommend! ; 2017 skin biopsy left forearm (severely dysplastic with positive borders–what some doctors call a pre-melanoma), rt upper arm (dermatofibroma–sounds scary but is no big deal), One month later dysplastic mole excised and of course she found two more moles to biopsy: left forearm again and left knee (both normal moles), Six months later for recheck and she found ANOTHER one on my rt thigh (Xanthogranuloma which again sounds scary but is no big deal. It is, however, something that freaking BABIES usually get–typical Stephanie weirdness. In babies it goes away on it’s own, but in adults it doesn’t, so I’m kinda glad she sliced it offa there because it was uggo and you know the old saying, “No one wants to see your gross thigh xanthogranuloma!”.  Back in 6 months for another recheck and seriously considering a heavy layer of foundation over my entire body including my scalp although she may wonder why I suddenly have NO moles anywhere and why I suddenly have one inch roots in my hair that match my skin tone exactly.

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