Day 6: Last of the Pretz Sticks =(

Just ran out of my big Halloween themed container of individual packs of Pretz Sticks.  They’re from Japan and like Pocky if it weren’t dipped in anything and were more cracker-like.  They have some flavors that are pretty unusual for a western palate which I get a kick out of.  These were salad flavor.  What kind of salad it did not say.  If you’d like to try them they are available at Daiso, H-Mart, and Uwajimaya.  My fav flavors are tomato and pizza.  They usually run under $2.

I’m still doing well on not drinking diet caffeine free pop, but I am taking in extra calories because of this change, so I’m not sure if it’s a net improvement to my health or not.  I’ve been drinking milk and a veggie/fruit juice blend, tons of gross water (it tastes bitter to me. I’m a super taster.  Can anyone relate?), and a regular pop about once every other day.  Not ideal, but I’ll be plugging along with Temperance even after I add my next virtue so hopefully with time I will increase the percentage of water. Yuck. =P  So no tick for drinking diet decaf soda, but one tick for way more than one helping of tortilla chips with cheese dip this afternoon.  I avoided a second tick when I stopped eating my teriyaki at dinner when it was only half gone because I was full.  Lunch tomorrow!  I’ve decided sticking to one serving of foods seems to be pretty in line with Franklin’s definition of Temperance as far as the 13 Virtues are concerned: “Eat not to dullness…”.  New Virtue on Monday.  Kinda exciting!

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