Day 7: Bloggings not Heaven

Ugh! I’ve spent a few hours learning the ropes, but I will need to put in a few more before I get things looking better.  Good thing this upcoming week isn’t Industry or Resolution, but I am tired and this is all your getting tonight! So what IS next week, you may ask?  SILENCE!  This will be interesting since I LOVE to talk!  More on what Silence meant to Franklin tomorrow.

In personal news I did a lot of catching up on paperwork and old email debt. Riveting blogging material, I know!  Also did some very messy science experiments with my nine year old daughter and husband and broke out my 12 year old son’s new copy of Snipper Clips for some family video game time which was a nice change after 3 straight days of Charades.  We have no idea where our kiddos get their passion for Charades.  It sure wasn’t from us!  Also landed my first two Spike tricks with my Kendama which is looking pretty battered already due to my lack of athletic prowess.

Daily Tally–

Temperance:  0 for decaf diet sodas, 1 for eating more than a serving of Swedish fish type candy whilst gaming (I threw in that “whilst” in your honor, Bennyman).

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