Day 6: Last of the Pretz Sticks =(

Just ran out of my big Halloween themed container of individual packs of Pretz Sticks.  They’re from Japan and like Pocky if it weren’t dipped in anything and were more cracker-like.  They have some flavors that are pretty unusual for a western palate which I get a kick out of.  These were salad flavor.  What kind of salad it did not say.  If you’d like to try them they are available at Daiso, H-Mart, and Uwajimaya.  My fav flavors are tomato and pizza.  They usually run under $2.

I’m still doing well on not drinking diet caffeine free pop, but I am taking in extra calories because of this change, so I’m not sure if it’s a net improvement to my health or not.  I’ve been drinking milk and a veggie/fruit juice blend, tons of gross water (it tastes bitter to me. I’m a super taster.  Can anyone relate?), and a regular pop about once every other day.  Not ideal, but I’ll be plugging along with Temperance even after I add my next virtue so hopefully with time I will increase the percentage of water. Yuck. =P  So no tick for drinking diet decaf soda, but one tick for way more than one helping of tortilla chips with cheese dip this afternoon.  I avoided a second tick when I stopped eating my teriyaki at dinner when it was only half gone because I was full.  Lunch tomorrow!  I’ve decided sticking to one serving of foods seems to be pretty in line with Franklin’s definition of Temperance as far as the 13 Virtues are concerned: “Eat not to dullness…”.  New Virtue on Monday.  Kinda exciting!

Day Four–Mams Galore

I did awesome today.  No tick marks for the first time.  WhooHoo!  Still successfully staying off the diet decaf soda pop and did not eat past when I was full or as a reward for going to the doctor. Hoping to spend some time this weekend on the bloggity blog uploading some pics and graphics and customizing that pesky first blog post.  Please note I miss my diet caffeine free pop SO MUCH I look like one of those big eyed child paintings from the 60s most of the day.  I’ve been drinking water.  Healthy, unflavored, colorless water, like an 1800s school marm…….or a 1900s school teacher……or a 2000s pedagogue.  Why you do me like this Ben Franklin?

In other news, today was my annual booby squeezing.  Hopefully the results will be perfect because I have ended up needing biopsies for the last three years in a row and I’ve decided 2018 is, “The Year of No Biopsies”.  God laughs at such plans of course, so we’ll see, won’t we?  If you’re curious: 2015 skin biopsy rt arm (normal mole); 2016 lymph node biopsy in neck (scar tissue) This was not fun! Do not recommend! ; 2017 skin biopsy left forearm (severely dysplastic with positive borders–what some doctors call a pre-melanoma), rt upper arm (dermatofibroma–sounds scary but is no big deal), One month later dysplastic mole excised and of course she found two more moles to biopsy: left forearm again and left knee (both normal moles), Six months later for recheck and she found ANOTHER one on my rt thigh (Xanthogranuloma which again sounds scary but is no big deal. It is, however, something that freaking BABIES usually get–typical Stephanie weirdness. In babies it goes away on it’s own, but in adults it doesn’t, so I’m kinda glad she sliced it offa there because it was uggo and you know the old saying, “No one wants to see your gross thigh xanthogranuloma!”.  Back in 6 months for another recheck and seriously considering a heavy layer of foundation over my entire body including my scalp although she may wonder why I suddenly have NO moles anywhere and why I suddenly have one inch roots in my hair that match my skin tone exactly.

Day Three: Whee?

Not whee.  I have decided to try to eliminate decaf diet soda for this round of the Temperance week.  I succeeded today, but I am grumpy!  I will give myself one tick for food again as I ate two servings of matcha ice cream mochis and one serving should have sufficed.  I will explain the whole tick system soon–this weekend perhaps?  Most likely I will replace that pesky “first blog post” with an more thorough explanation of Benny’s system and my plans for the year.

Day Two: Electric Bugaloo

Oh my goodness!  I am spending all my time trying to make this site cute and not leaving myself any time to post.  Pllluuusss I’m still figuring out how to change the first post from the default so hey enjoy the comedy of “your first post goes here” while it lasts!  Week One of Franklin’s regime was Temperance which to him meant, “Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation”.  I am doing a-okay on the no drinking alcohol, but I will have to give myself two tick marks today for continuing to eat my french dip after I was full and the bedtime 3 Musketeers that’s calling my name.  Yesterday went well for temperance, but one tick mark for having a grande vanilla bean frappucccino. I’ve got a long way to go Benny.  Help me!

Living Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues for One Year

Image-1 (7)In a moment of “What should I read next?!?” angst I picked up Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography.  Picked up is probably a misnomer as I read it on my Kindle, although I DO have to pick up the Kindle, so there’s that.  I was shocked at how likable, charming, and relateable he is with his 311 year old self.  Who knew?

In the second section of Benny’s autobiography (I feel we are in a long distance friendship–the distance being time–so I call him cute nicknames) which he penned in his 80s he detailed a system he had devised in his youth for self improvement.  He initially chose 12 areas to work on and eventually added a 13th after a Quaker friend pointed out that he struggled with pride.  He continued using this system for many years and found it quite useful and I got it in my head that I should try it, too.  What does one do after making a decision like that?  One starts a blog, of course! Ack!  I know, I know, I’m the worst.  Nevertheless that is how this blog began and I will be posting once a day about my progress with my old pal Benny’s system.